Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey, Slow it Down!

I had the privilege of sitting with a few of the most grounded, solid and present, (younger than me) adults today.

Since being in Colorado, I have noticed many people are not in a rush and seem more grounded than my previous state of residence. I have had to really slow down driving around, because here *I* am the crazy driver. Or, was the crazy driver. So, I got to thinking. . .

If we all would slow down and really *be* with our moments, we would be missing a lot less.

Thinking of society today as a whole, people crave more time with their partners because they are more busy, more time with their children because the children are inundated, more time so they can work out because they have a desk job or eat less than healthy food because it is quicker to fix, worry about squeezing in some tutoring for the kids because they are "falling behind" in math because they are so busy and have so much worksheet homework they don't get to bake and play card games at home, that help us really understand numbers, they buy disposable everything because there is no time to wash, which of course is more pricey so they have to work more and of course that is less than good for the planet. 

The people I sat with today grow much of their own food. When they bake cookies, I'm pretty sure they don't buy the ready made loaf of cookie dough at the grocery store. They are baking cookies for the process of baking, just as much as for the product. Both are just as delicious. 

Think of all the things that could be gained by *being* with the task at hand. . .even washing a dish, or wiping down the table. There is much of life that is blurred out of vision and experience when rushing about. There are some things that just can't be rushed and still reach the same result. Life is one of them.

Also, consider picking fruit too soon, putting pasta in the water before it's really at a rolling boil, or wine that hasn't quite aged. Next time, When you get up from your computer, *be* with your moment and slow it down. Really take note of what you previously missed in the last rushed blur. Your life will thank you.

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