Thursday, August 11, 2011

Joyful Resuscitation

We are in the middle of packing for an out of state move. Today I have needed a little reassurance, supportive words, and gentle yet powerful nurturing. My guidance was brought to me in a playful, engaged moment with my five year old daughter. I peeled a few oranges, and together we sat, leaning over a shared plate.

Over the next few moments, I could feel a sense of calmness, as I had peaceful focus. We talked about our oranges and if they were juicy, great or just okay. We deemed them just okay, but the message delivered through the wise and open channel that is my daughter in the moments following, made this snack sharing sweeter than I could imagine.

And this next moment, I was given another gift from my young daughter, besides her love and being. I acknowledge that she is powerful beyond measure, a Director of Spirit, of all that is Love.
She said, "Mom, let's play how powerful a woman are you." I said "Okay. . .I am powerful enough to move my family of six to Colorado." With a kind an assuming tone she replied, "Of course you are," and sealed the sweetness with a snuggly hug.

She had asked a poignant question returning me to my natural state of being. . .an empowered creator. 
Our guidance, messages delivered from our own inner truth, can be brought in any shape or form, even in this next moment. I relish the divinity of this every day moment.

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  1. Your 5-year-old daughter has a very old soul. I see that when I spend even just a little time with her. She is already a wise woman at a very young age :)