Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walking the Plank to Flip Fear

Summer brings about childhood memories of standing on the diving board, bouncing, waiting for fear to dissipate as the cool, blue water enticed from below. I recall counting, as I talked myself into making the splash from the plank that hovered over the deep end. One, two, three, . . .I will jump on 15. And, then I would allow distraction, and return later. The lure of the diving board kept reeling me back. I could see the smooth splash of a perfect dive, and feel the way the water would separate for my body and glide over my skin upon entrance head first. The desire to have this experience was so great, and so real, that it eventually overpowered the fear.

The moment arrived. I could feel the sandpapery, platform under my toes as I gripped for comfort. I stood there ever-present and still, and plunged head-first into the inviting water. Cool, exhilirating, bubbling. . .I was on top of the world, as I was rising to the sunlit surface, smiling. The next thing I did was race back to the diving board to do it again, and again. Fear conquered, I was boldly and fully engaged with life. Man, I loved that feeling! I had flipped my fear coin, and landed on courage, which allowed me to buy into adventure!

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