Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear You. (a perspective on failure).

Dear Beautiful Spirit~
Today, please know that every time you "fail" at something, you succeed at another. Failure can seem like such a big deal in our culture. Sometimes, we can be so afraid of it, we don't even look to achieve the outcome we would like to imagine. Or maybe, we forgot after years and years how to imagine. Does it feel daring to imagine?
Even if one "fails" at what is attempted, and does not reach the expected outcome, life is a series of experiences and experiments from moment to moment, each just as worthy as the next. Each experience is just that, an experience. Failure can be perceived as an outcome that is unexpected, or a new branch that has sprouted with fresh opportunity from which we can see new blossoms born, or a perception from our own personal inner observer, or a teacher.
You are always succeeding at something.
Much Love,