Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being in Truth. Bold in Action.

Now is the time to be *YOU* with BOLD action and beingness in truth. Your entire hand of cards are at play with your life's purpose. No need for a redraw, or to skip any more turns. Your true path is paved by your experiences, both perceived mistakes/failures and perceived triumphs/successes. You weren't made as a shrink to fit pattern, seeing what is needed in the world to alter yourself accordingly. You were meant to be BOLDly *YOU*. Sometimes, you may get sidetracked or fooled into thinking you need to change to fit in and find your place. . .when the truth is, by being *YOU*, there is fulfillment for all. You are ever changing, never static, always learning and moving. Where there is movement, there is life. Be that which makes you ALIVE!

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