Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sharing and Holding Sacred Space

Having my grandmother in my life well into my adulthood has been a generous, life-enriching gift that I count among my highest blessings. Not only have I had appreciation for her as my grandma, I value and admire her as a phenomenal woman on the planet. Her life has not only impacted my own and the lives of my family, I have grown to know her as a woman of strength, perseverance and wisdom.

There have been times in my life when I’ve been asked, “if you can have lunch with three people deceased or alive, who would those people be?” Family members, such as my other grandma (no longer living) were always on my list, and so I always understood the value of just one more hug, question, or loving testament.

Recently, I returned from a visit to my grandmother who is 92 and ill. Not sure of how much time she has left, made each and every moment extra meaningful, as I allowed each of my senses to fully take in each moment, as I knew I’d wish to recall them at a later date, after her physical presence was available to me.

I sat with her, knowing I would be leaving soon to return to my home state. I let her know how much I would miss her and she told me she hated to see me go. As I felt tears well up, my mind reeled through all these things I wanted to tell her about how much she has meant to me in my life. . .things I have told her and written to her many times before. 

Instead, this time I felt the sacred space. The space that transcends words. The space of divine honor. It’s a knowing and vast space within the heart that connects in an instant and holds truth and all that is real. Sometimes, love and appreciation is beyond words.

Have you acknowledged sacred space?
Where did the opportunity to honor sacred space last show up for you?
What do you remember about your feelings at the time?

A Hug to Last a Lifetime
The smell of fresh laundry
soft over-washed cotton on my face
creamy coffee’s aroma
sunshine yellow warmth.
Crooked hands mended over a thousand holes and hurts,
pulled me near and my heart strengthened, with love.

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